Stream of Consciousness

erica bryan, behind the mic, beaverdamusa.comThe stream of consciousness of someone about to release their debut EP:

Will anyone listen to it?

Have my parents even bought the pre-sale yet?!

I wonder how many people bought the pre-sale?

Do people even buy music anymore?

I get my puppy on the same day as the release!

Will iTunes put it on new and noteworthy?

Will I ever make the money back that I spent making it?

I hope someone puts my new songs on Spotify playlists! How do I get them to do that?

Will my dark album cover be seen with the backlighting of the iPhone? Maybe I should have made it lighter?

I probably should have made the single a different picture.


Will this be my first and last release?

Will people accept it in the country genre even though it’s not that country?

What genre is it?

I need to get the music to tv sync people. Now…. How?

Did I get enough blog reviews? Will they review it once it’s already out or will it be old news?


Think anyone new will listen to it?

Will my husband listen to it casually in the car? What if he doesn’t? Does he even like my music?!

Will my new puppy like it? Maybe I’ll play it for him…

While I know I can be negative sometimes, most of my thoughts are a testament to how much I made this music for other people to hear. If I was the only one listening to the sound of my voice, that would be so lame. So I really hope people listen to it and get swept away in the emotions and lyrics and truly enjoy it. That would make my day!!

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