Country Star JT Lewis Answers Our Questions

beaverdamusa.comLast week, we aired Part 1 of our interview with JT Lewis. ICYMI, you can read it here. Today, we offer some tidbits we saved for this week.

It’s almost hunting season. Are you ready or what?  
I’d be happy to go shoot a cardboard box right now. As much as I love being in Nashville and doing music full-time I do get that itch sometimes that I’ve got to go catch a fish or I’ve got to go shoot my bow. Being in the middle of the city hinders me from doing that.

What was the first song you ever learned? 
My uncle gave me my first guitar after having taught myself “The Eye of the Tiger” on his electric guitar. That was pretty cool. That was really the first song I ever learned.

How old were you? 
I picked that up around the age of 12.

Where were some of your first gigs? 
I played everything from little skate parks to YMCA all-ages shows when I was 13 to 15.

Is being a working musician in Nashville harder or easier than you thought it would be? 
It has met my expectations as far as difficulty goes. However, getting gigs as an artist and booking tours was the one thing I didn’t foresee as being as difficult as it has been. Also the time put into booking those gigs, is time that’s kind of difficult to find when you’re writing a lot and trying to make money to make ends meet.

JT LewisWhich of your songs on your new EP “Shoot Straight” are best received?  
It’s interesting to see which songs people like the most. Some people like “You Came True” the best, the rock song. And, some people, their favorite is “Jumping in the Deep End.”

Why do you think fans gravitate toward “Deep End”?
It’s got that real current catchy hooky country melody and people dig it. And everyone, I think, likes the music video.

Talk about the video shoot.
That was a long week but that was fun, shooting that thing. I produced the music video and my little brother was the camera operator and director, so that was a fun time doing that.

The girl in the video looks familiar. Where have we seen her?
She is Becky Andrews. Good friend of mine from south Louisiana. She was also featured in the CMT show “Redneck Island.” Unbelievably beautiful, and just as cool and down to earth as she is pretty. (Read Becky’s bio.)

And, the guy, who is he?
The guy who played the lead male role is Tommy Rothermel, a good buddy of mine all the way from when we went to Catholic High School in Baton Rouge. He called me a little while ago and gave me a couple of updates. He’s been being featured in a new AMC series called “Into The Badlands”. It excites me to see all the awesome stuff going for them!

Watch “Jumping Off the Deep End”

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