How to: Tell Someone You Love Them

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comDear Employees at my local Jersey Mike’s,

I don’t even know how to begin this letter. I wanted to tell you in person–I really did–but I panicked. I saw your eyes light up when I walked through the door this morning to pick up my #13 Original Italian on Wheat (Mike’s Way) and all of my resolve went out the window like yesterday’s fresh baked bread.

I’m moving. There. I said it. The time has come for me to leave Nashville to start a new chapter of my life back in Kansas. Hey, c’mon! Just look at me! Please! This isn’t about you. You didn’t do anything wrong. If anything the relationship I have with you is what has kept me in Nashville for seven beautiful years. You are not the gross Subway in the gas station down the road. You are an unchanging rock built on a foundation of Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Vinegar, Oil and Spices and you’ve remained consistent since opening day in 1956.

It’s just time, employees at the Jersey Mike’s on Lebanon Pike, you know? I got a new job and some new music opportunities and it’s closer to my family and I’d been feeling kind of restless and you know what? I shouldn’t have to explain myself to you. You should just be happy for me. I am going after what I want which is more than I can say for you. Where is your location in Wichita? Why do you have two locations in Topeka? Topeka is a nothing town. I don’t care if it is the capitol. Why don’t you take care of the plank in your own eye, my friend?

Agh. I don’t want to fight. I promised myself I wouldn’t leave things this way.

The truth is, I am so thankful for the time we had together. I can’t tell you what it has meant for me to have you guys kind of learn my name and be able to mostly recognize my face when I walk through your doors at least once a week. You have kept me full both in stomach and in heart. I hope to one day return such kindness.

This isn’t the end of us. In fact, I would argue it is only the beginning. I love you. Please don’t forget about me.

Until next time,

Katherine Holmgren
#13 Original Italian on Wheat (Mike’s Way)

How to: Mother’s Day

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comDear Mom,

Hello. How are you? Great to hear!

Mother’s Day is coming up and what cheaper/better way to mark the occasion than with a post listing the things you do that make me thankful that you’re my mom?

  • I love your selflessness in letting me go through your closet when I’m home to pick out clothing I want to steal.

  • Similarly, I love how the articles of clothing I am most complimented on are followed by “thanks, my mom gave it to me.”

  • I love how you didn’t want me turning to smutty romance books or movies in my teenage years so you led me to believe that reading and being obsessed with Amish romance novels was fine and not weird.

  • I love that I think of you when springtime comes and I’m explaining to a friend how incredible it is that we’ve managed to find Hershey Chocolate Eggs in the grocery store and should we just buy every bag?

  • I love how I get more Christmas gifts than my brothers because I’m your only daughter.

  • I love and appreciate the honesty you conveyed many times when I was in high school and you told me I shouldn’t wear the same hoodie sweatshirt every day with ill-fitting basketball shorts.

  • I love your wisdom and your faith. I listen when you speak.

  • I love when you leave a big life decision up to me and I find out later that you knew the right choice all along but wanted me to get there on my own.

  • I love your chocolate chip cookies, tortellini soup, caramel bars, beef tenderloin, porcupine balls, taco salad, mashed potatoes, the cheesy potatoes with the corn flakes on top, frosted sugar cookies, and italian cream cake.

  • I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day! Please send money and/or baked goods!




How to: Say Goodbye to an Old Friend

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comBy the time you read this post it will be April and I will be going through some serious withdrawals. I’m experimenting with making the opening lines of my blogs more intriguing and also I’m giving up unnecessary sugar for the month of April.

Credit where credit is due: this was my roommate’s idea. She told me about her plan to cut out unnecessary snacks/desserts for a month and since I don’t have a lot going on in my life right now, I decided to join her. How hard could it be, right? I’ve gotten on a small health kick in the last few years and I have a working understanding of what gluten is. I go to Farmers Markets on the regular and Christmas of 2014 I taught my family spaghetti squash cooking techniques. I ran a half marathon last year and now I have the 13.1 sticker on my car for the rest of forever to annoy and shame the people around me. I’m a health champion, basically. #humblebrag

Recent health strides aside, I think a little sugar awareness would be good for me. A few weeks ago I bought a pack of normal, healthy Greek yogurts and ate them for breakfast four days in a row before I looked closer and realized they were the Toasted Coconut flavor which has 17g of sugar per serving. It took me four days and 68g of sugar to realize something was off.  Another time, I enjoyed a few days of healthy muffin breakfasts before my roommate told me I had been eating the cupcakes she was waiting to frost. I don’t think these things are necessarily big issues…it’s more that my palate is very American.

I’m going to miss a lot of the joys of having sugar in my life. I know without a doubt the office friendships I’ve worked hard to establish will deteriorate almost immediately. Sugar and coffee overload is the glue for coworker relationships. The “Well, looks like my diet is ruined” conspiratorial wink that’s used while grabbing the biggest piece of office birthday cake is my trademark. For the last birthday I asked to be served the cupcake “with the least amount of gluten” and brought the house down. Now I will be the girl who refuses cake and robs the room of joy. Productivity will shut down an hour later with the post-celebration sugar crash and I will be at my desk working steadily like an idiot. Fun coworkers will come up to me at 3pm on a Wednesday and whisper excitedly “do you have a piece of chocolate? I need a pick me up–this day is dragging,” and I’ll have to say something stupid like “No, but I have this handful of almonds if you’re feeling hungry.” Ugh. Even I don’t like me anymore.

So it is as I type this at 11:09 pm on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, that I say goodbye for now to my dear and ever-present friends, sugar and delicious snacks. Thank you for being there to help me celebrate, commiserate, and pass the time. Thank goodness April only has 30 days. Honestly, we should have done this in February. Also, I should clarify that I am not giving up all sugar. Just some sugar. Kind of an as-I-think-of-it situation. There are no parameters. There are some parameters but they’re kind of at my discretion. My discretion is easily broken. Oh wait, Easter is on Sunday! I forgot about Easter! The chocolate bunnies! This might be difficult.

The Basement Sessions: “Thinking Out Loud”

erica bryan, behind the mic, beaverdamusa.comI started a blog for this week – a feminist rant on how it’s unfair for men to be vocally aggrieved by your haircut – but I decided to save that for another day!

In lieu of the feminist rant, I decided to start a live video series with some members of my band called “The Basement Sessions.” These sessions are aptly named because we record the videos in my basement! Our plan is to record a series of acoustic covers and original songs, and hopefully grace your ears with beautiful sounds. Live videos are like live theatre- someone could mess up at any moment, I could sing a wrong note, the viola could start playing a different song- who knows what could happen!! So, you’ll just have to watch and see!

This week we decided to cover the song, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. If you’ve stepped out of your house in the past 3 months, you’ve heard this song! It’s a catchy love song that any girl would die to hear sung to her. (I hope boys want it sung to them too- because in our cover, I am singing it!) Our version includes a lovely viola solo by the fabulous Katherine Holmgren (a fellow blogger!).

Now sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our version of “Thinking Out Loud.”

How to: Navigate the Crowd

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comFirst and foremost I want to give a shout out to my Grandpa Wendell, a faithful reader of the blog, because I told him I would. Grandpa Wendell and Grandma Ellie have lived in the same house for over 50 years in Edina, Minnesota and every Wednesday they snuggle into their respective recliners with a plate of homemade Christmas cookies and Grandma Ellie reads my blog aloud. Most of what I just said is speculation, but it’s probably accurate.

This weekend I went to see The Lone Bellow perform at Exit/In in Nashville. If you have not listened to The Lone Bellow you need to educate yourself and I will wait here while you do it. I could describe their sonic brilliance but I don’t need to waste blog space on something you should already know.

Aren’t they the greatest?!  

Exit/In is standing room only which makes sense because the people that attend shows there are unfit for music venues with seats. An alarming number of girls with big purses kept excuse-me-can-I-get-past-you-my-friend’s-over-there-ing me and I lost track of how many times I had to shuffle around to create paths for others to get closer to the stage than me. Maybe it’s my classical musician side–or perhaps I am just a better human than almost everyone–but concert etiquette is a real thing and we need to discuss it.

First of all, you are only allowed to leave and come back to your spot in the crowd two times during any given concert at an indoor venue with no seats. I honestly don’t know what errands you are running during the show that you need to squeeze-past-oh-sorry-scuse-me five different times. You can have one bathroom break and one additional trip to the bar but I will not sacrifice my enjoyment of the show because you are a poor planner. Would you pull these shenanigans if we were sitting in seats?!

Secondly, please don’t make your route my problem. I am tall so I absolutely understand that a situation might arise where I would be in your way. If you’re going to inconvenience me, I would rather you do it in a way that elicits the smallest possible exertion of effort from me. For example, do not tap me on the shoulder to tell me you need to get by me. This will force me to stop whatever I’m doing (listening to the music), process your needs, interpret my surroundings, move myself to a different location, and grumble when you leave. Instead, you could just push past me and I’ll have a moment of disgruntled confusion but in the end will not have been required to problem solve. Do you see the difference? Just get yourself from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible and if you’re lucky no one will see your face to be specifically mad at you.

Finally, consolidate your personal belongings. I was willing to pack myself into a room with 400 people, not 400 people and their coats and bags. Always assess the ratio of time you anticipate spending outside to time you anticipate spending inside with 400 other people. In this situation, I estimated a 4 minute walk from my car to the venue in 30 degree weather, 3 ½ hours standing inside the overheated personal bubbles of at least 20 strangers, and a 4 minute walk from the venue back to my car in 29 degree weather. Do you really need your heaviest winter coat for 8 minutes of mild discomfort? Are you okay with holding your coat and giant bag for three and a half hours? Do you understand that your colossal tote bag is digging into my back and altering the contour of my spine?

I could go on forever about this but it’s getting late and the more I write, the more my inner “50 year old single lady with cats” personality comes out. I don’t even like cats. Or youths. Oh no! She can’t be stopped!

All this to say, go see The Lone Bellow if you get the chance. They put on a killer show and I loved every minute of it. Thanks to my friend and band-boss Erica Bryan for buying me tickets as an apology for making me miss their Live on the Green performance last fall because she needed me to “tour and make money as a musician.” Booooorrriiiiiinnnnng.

How to: Make People Feel Appreciated

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comYou are going to encounter a lot of people in your life. Some of them will be the best and some will be the absolute worst and others will be okay-ish if you only see them once a week.

This is life and you are in it. The important thing to remember is that every single person, regardless of category, has value. And I know it’s 2015 and every opinion source from everywhere is screaming acceptance and affirmation, but where is the practical application? Thank goodness I’m here.

Here are three easy ways to show appreciation that will hide the fact that you are the worst and only do things for personal gain:

  1. Use names. I have this fun party trick where I do not use anyone’s name when I’m talking to them until I have heard someone else say it at least 10 times. At this point I do not know if I am bad at names or if I am afraid of being bad at names. Working in corporate America, however, I have noticed that the people I remember are the ones who say “Hey, Katherine!” instead of just “Hey!” And I mean, I know my name is very beautiful and whatever, but there’s something about hearing other people say it when they greet me that makes me feel like I am remembered and that I matter. And how easy is it to say someone’s name? No monetary or emotional cost so I’m all about it. I also have a working theory that remembering and using names will get you promotions and notice at work but that’s for another blog.

  1. Food. This weekend I was in Alabama staying with the most wonderful host couple while I played with a symphony.  After a long day at work, a long drive to Alabama, and a long rehearsal, I was greeted at my hosts’ home with fresh cookies and hot tea. The next day my host told me I needed to finish the cookies because she was planning to make a different kind that day and needed space in the cookie jar. Listen to me, people: I have never felt more appreciated in my entire life. Food is everything. Whether it’s bringing coffee to a coworker or hosting brunch for your friends, you cannot go wrong. It’s easy and usually the best gift because you can spin it so that you also get to partake in the food. Friend appreciation and self appreciation.

  1. Rides to the airport. One of the most boring and fruitless thing someone can ask you to do is take them to the airport. I get nothing but lost time when I have to take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to act as a taxi service for my friends to go have more fun than me. Truly, when you need a ride to the airport, you have to find a friend with nothing else going on who wants to solidify those plans to do nothing fun. It’s terrible. And yet, people offering to take me to the airport is an act of kindness that makes me feel the most appreciated so it’s the one thing I have tried to continually do for others. I also work right next to the airport so it’s basically nothing to me. Pro tip: If you are taking someone to the airport, don’t ask for any sort of gas reimbursement. You can stop being cheap and absorb $5 or whatever. Also, there is no way to ask for money without sounding terrible and old. Additionally, if someone is giving you a ride to the airport, you should provide coffee or food (see above paragraph).

So that’s it. Easy-peasy, right? Now go out into the world and show appreciation because life is difficult and we’re all just doing the best we can.

How to: Photo-shoot (When You’re Tragically Beautiful)

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comHEY NOW.  It’s week 2 on the blog and the procrastination game is strong. I sat down to write this post and instead cleaned my entire room and watched an episode of The Office. Ain’t no thing.

This week’s How To is all about my this blog’s visual appeal. My good friend Billy Gunter took the photo used in the blog logo (Is that what it’s called? Editors–fix this in post. What? I don’t have editors?) and I think it turned out great! It’s always special to step back in time to take pictures not using an iPhone. I’ve also forgotten how to take a photo that’s not in Instagram square format so it was nice to have Billy’s input and direction.

I’m not sure exactly where to begin, but I think at this point we have to back up and I need to tell you about how I am a model. It’s not something I love to talk about so this post is actually a really unique and coveted look into the life I’ve been forced to lead for more than two consecutive decades. I only hope my story will shed some light without compromising the aura of dark, seductive mystery I’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

The camera’s love has followed me for as long as I can remember. From Day 1 it was click, snap this and flash, click that. I was the only daughter in a family of sons and I was beautiful. The world stood captivated by my deep blue eyes and scientists from all the major science labs struggled to explain the perfection found in my delicate button nose and perfectly symmetrical ears. I was often dressed in florals and placed next to soft animals who looked dull and lifeless next to my absolutely insane beauty.

photoshoot 1

Soon, even the school systems started begging for photographs of me, the perfect child. I obliged by sitting for one photograph a year which was printed in hundreds of wallet sized, 4×6, and 5×7 prints that I graciously signed and gave away to my peers and grandparents. My first official headshots.

photoshoot 3

photoshoot 2

The world couldn’t get enough of my perfection, inside and out. Orthodontists took molds of my teeth, Primary Care Doctors took pictures of my bones.  Once, a neurologist insisted on photographing my brain. He was amazed at the amount of knowledge it held! Everywhere I went, pictures, pictures, pictures.  Soon, I was doing local print ads with my (also adorable) little brother for a children’s boutique. Later, I would grace the cover of a National Christmas Tree Magazine.

photoshoot 5

photoshoot 7

photoshoot 4

And on it goes, you guys. The model life! It’s hard to say how the spotlight has affected me because I’ve never known anything else. I think I am what they call tragically beautiful. But I don’t know. To me, I am just me.

But yeah, anyways. I needed a photo for this blog and Billy was all “I need more experience working with my camera!” and my other friend Erica was like “We can use the studio at my office!” and my other friend Amy chimed in with “I’ll join you guys if there’s going to be food there!” Which, obviously there was. So off we went after work on a Friday and Billy photographed while Erica and Amy ran around finding props and I stood there and looked absolutely fabulous. I like 21st century Feminist America where I can say things like that and everyone just has to agree. I look great absolutely all of the time. No exceptions.

So that’s How To: Photoshoot. Cultivate good friendships with people who have talent and connections and also be a really gorgeous model from birth. Good luck with your blogs!

Also worth noting: this blog post featured absolutely no selfies!

photoshoot 11 photoshoot 10 photoshoot 6 photoshoot 8 photoshoot 9

How to: Start a Blog

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comHello, America.

What an honor it is to have been chosen to create this blog. And by chosen I mean I volunteered. And by volunteered I mean that the offer was put out there and I threw my name in and then procrastinated a lot and…you know what? It doesn’t matter. Here we are.

The idea of having a blog appeals to me on many levels. For one thing, I like words.  I was a class Spelling Bee Champion in the 6th grade and have yet to lose the feeling of superiority that came with the victory. Also–unrelated–I like to make much out of nothing.  In high school I started an indoor soccer team with my friends and sent long, antiquated emails each week about Finding Our Destiny. We didn’t win a game but my weekly filibusters about Heart and Love brought youths together and Made An Impact. At least, I think that’s what happened.  And isn’t that what blogging is all about? Not bringing youths together–that’s terrifying. Rather, blogging is about casting your opinion into the internet and finding value in the impact you think it’s making.  I love that!

I wondered for a long time what I should write about in this “General Comedy” blog. I have a pretty consistent social media presence so my big ideas are only 140 characters long and center around pictures.  It was (and is) daunting to me to export ideas in paragraph form–as is anything I do that takes more than 5 minutes of effort (I’m a millennial!). I researched other blogs and scrolled through my wordy-status friends on Facebook searching for themes and inspiration only to find myself in a DIY/Gluten Free/Political Soapbox vortex. Where are the blogs for the normal people? Where are the people who are just making it happen day to day? Where are the people eating at Chipotle for the third time this week because they didn’t follow the 30 day Whole30 meal plan because they forgot to print it out while they were at work because the printer at home hasn’t had ink in a year and it was a coworker’s birthday today so I already had cake and you can’t start Whole30 on a cake day anyways and isn’t it enough that I’m trying??  I am every (wo)man and cooking meals on Sunday afternoon and then freezing them for the week is not practical for me.  I need  advice like “Cooking in a Kitchen Without Windows” and “Figuring Out How To Do Taxes When Your Dad Usually Helps You But This Year You’re On Your Own.” I need a real dialogue.

So as one normal in a sea of a million crazies, I am unveiling my blog: How To.

It’s happening.

It’s here.

I hope to cover topics pertaining to the average person, and as the average person (yes you are average. Stop lying), I hope you can contribute with ideas for topics.  Seriously. I cannot sustain this blog on my own–this is not my diary. Together we can create a safe space on the internet for me to express my opinions about normal things and in the end, I will get all the glory.  Sounds great!

And as for my first entry, How To: Start a Blog.  Well, I’ve just done it. It is done. Inception.

Life on the Road, from a Violist’s Perspective

erica bryan,, behind the micNote: Katherine Holmgren, viola player in Erica’s band, is guest blogging this week. Enjoy!

Hello, my friends!

This week, Erica Bryan asked me to guest blog about my experience touring with her “behind the mic.”  I think maybe the band is tired of listening to my lengthy monologues about “Viola Player Injustices” and “Progress Updates on the Ant Problem in My Kitchen” so they thought a blog post would be a nice creative outlet for me.

kh 1The first show I played with Erica was earlier this year at a little coffee shop venue in Nashville. I still had braces on my teeth from jaw surgery (a tale better saved for my inevitable medical journal blog) and I wore my “cool” Nordstrom Rack leggings with the leather stripe on the side because growing up as a classical player means I own 1 cool outfit, total.  We played a small set for about 15 people and I prayed I would remember what key each song was in.

Fast forward a few months to this past Saturday when we played at our favorite Atlanta venue, Smith’s Olde Bar, packed with fans, friends, and family.  I no longer have braces and I have at least 3 performing outfits including a COOL HAT I debuted at the show.  We’ve played shows all around the South, taken selfies with goats, and logged a lot of hours on the road playing Mad Libs.  The band has become a little family and our performances get better and stronger with every show.

kh 2I love the hours we spend practicing, driving, laughing, and performing because they are all acting as building blocks for an incredible story.  I’ve been in Nashville for 6 years now and I can’t tell you the number of people I have either met or played music for who hold on to a hope that life is like American Idol.  We see these television shows where people are moved through a consolidated 6 month process to start from nothing and end with millions of fans.  This isn’t how life works! A young man or woman does not enter the company at the bottom of the corporate ladder only to find themselves in a corner office 3 months later. The people I’ve known who have competed on American Idol have worked for years to hone their skill–the show has been a lucky break in the midst of intense work and preparation. Luck and good opportunity comes to those who put in the work every day and are prepared for opportunity.

Donald Glover, a favorite comedian of mine and a former writer for the show 30 Rock, once said in a podcast that people looking at his success rate cannot see the hours he spent working on scripts and churning out ideas.  He put hundreds and thousands of hours into his craft so that when opportunity knocked, he was prepared.  When 30 Rock needed writers, he had a spec script prepared to send in immediately.  The hiring process was fast, but the preparation was slow.

Mkh 3y daily life has changed as I’ve started leaning in to slow success.  Every day is an opportunity for me to learn, practice, and reflect on the skills I am building for the future.  In Atlanta last weekend, Erica and Billy (our drummer) told me about a goal they set earlier in the year to play at least one show a month in the year 2014.  If you follow the band at all you know we played 3 shows in 24 hours the weekend before we were in Atlanta!  Erica was not focusing on the end result (which I’ve made clear is my face on a tour bus!) but on the day to day goals that include connecting personally with her fans, writing great songs, and playing as much as she can!  Look how far we’ve come in only a few short months.

I am loving this opportunity to work and be a part of something this special. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Meet the Band

erica bryan,, behind the micMany people have been noticing that I mention my band a lot in my posts and have been asking me more about them. So, this week’s post is dedicated to meeting the band.

When I got to Nashville, I started hearing the term “good hang” thrown around when referring to traits people look for in band members. At first, I really didn’t understand why people cared that much about personality and thought it seemed like a popularity contest rather than based on pure talent. But now that I’ve been touring more, I understand why a “good hang” is so important! My band spends hours in the car together, on top of rehearsals, video shoots, performances, recording, etc. I feel like we’re never apart anymore! Luckily, I love these people to death. We have so much fun and spend a lot of rehearsal laughing instead of practicing (I hope you can’t tell….).

If you’ve been out to my shows, you may have seen a few different faces on stage. Sometimes I add people to the mix, or someone has to sub-in, but on the whole, these are the faces you will see with me at my shows.

PictureMeet Katherine. Katherine hails from Wichita, Kansas, and came to Nashville by way of Belmont University. While at Belmont, she studied Classical Viola Performance. Katherine and I met at a church new member meeting, and while I was getting to know her, she mentioned she played viola. After our initial meeting, I hired her to play on a video with me, and then asked her to play a show with me…and then another, and then…the rest is history. Katherine is a comedian at heart. While we’re in the car, Katherine is always pulling up new comedians for us to listen to. On our one weekend off of touring, she suggested we all get tickets to a Comedy Show…which ended up being an awesome decision.
You may find it unique that Katherine plays the viola. Many people don’t understand that the viola is different from the violin. She gets many comments about playing a “big violin” gets asked why she just doesn’t play the violin instead. Although the viola is misunderstood, I couldn’t imagine a world where Katherine didn’t play her emotion-evoking viola solos in my songs. You can follow Katherine on twitter and instagram @keholmgren.
PictureMeet Amy. Amy comes to us from the small town of Hickory, North Carolina. She came to Nashville for a recording studio internship to finish up her Commercial/Electronic Music Degree from Western Carolina University. Amy and I met at her internship and became fast friends! She told me her instrument in college was Jazz Guitar….so you can probably guess what happened next…I recruited her for the band! Amy is also a talented Mastering Engineer and is an Assistant Mastering Engineer at Yes Master Studios. (So, if you need a song mastered, contact her!!) She mastered my debut single, “This House Is Haunted,” and did a fabulous job. Amy is the one in the band that’s always happy. On stage, she’s always smiling, in the car, she’s always laughing, and on guitar, her leads are always upbeat! You also never know what Amy is going to say. One time I needed to kill some time at one of our shows because we played through our set pretty fast, so I asked everyone in the band to tell an interesting fact. Amy’s fact was that she enjoys pickle juice with her potatoes. I have never heard of this, but I guess I’ll have to give it a try before I can judge it! You can follow what Amy will say on twitter @amybrown214 and instagram @ambrown21492.


Meet Billy. Billy holds a soft spot in my heart because we’ve been dating for over 3 years (Sorry Amy and Katherine…you have soft spots in my heart too…just not the same spot). Billy grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida, and came to Nashville…well…because I moved here. (haha) He also thought it would be a good move for him so he could pursue  professional drumming after receiving his Percussion Performance Degree from Samford University. After he attended Samford, he taught Percussion at Spain Park High School for a few years and continues to teach here in Nashville. He also plays for another band, Gil and the Harbor, but I’m always happy to snag Billy to play with me whenever possible. Billy is often times the only boy on the road, so he is our resident driver and roadie when we need some heavy lifting. Billy is also a comedian at heart, and Billy and Katherine sit in the front of the car and plan out their own comedy routine, which they hope to perform soon. (Amy and I sit in the backseat and end up sleeping a lot…so it works out.) You can follow Billy’s budding comedian career on twitter and instagram @billy_gunter.
To see these bright and shining faces in person, you can check my website for our tour dates. 
Picture Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner