Graduation Party, Yes or No?

what would chely do, chely sizemore, beaverdamusa.comWhat Would Chely Do?
by Chely Sizemore

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Jan writes: Dear Chely, my daughter is graduating from high school in a few days, and she is planning on going to an all-night bonfire party way out in the country. She’s a good girl, but I’m still scared to death to let her go. What’s your advice?

Dear Jan: This one isn’t easy. Chances are you’ve had similar situations in the past, and the Good Lord knows you’re going to have lots and lots more over the next few years. The good news is, they don’t all come at once. The bad news is, they still come. The bottom line is this: Do you trust your daughter to make good decisions? If the answer is “yes,” then let her go after talking with her about the situation, what she will likely see, and situations she will likely encounter. Let her know that you’ve been in similar situations. (But you probably shouldn’t tell her everything you did. That will send the message that it’s okay for her to do the same thing.) Make sure you know who she’s going with, make her promise not to ride with anyone who’s been celebrating too much, and most of all, make sure she knows she can call you no-questions-asked if she has any trouble.

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