Kids Today Have it So Easy

musings 250_edited-1As always, I can connect any event to music.  This past weekend, I moved my oldest son into Reese Hall to start his freshman year at the University of Tennessee.  The irony that I moved into the same dorm 30 years ago with the Beaver Dam’s own Barry Currin was not lost on me.  First, those rooms are exactly the same, but they seem a lot smaller.

Another thing that is smaller is the music equipment.  I remember lugging a rack system up four flights of steps to put in the room.  But, I can guarantee you that it was the first thing that was packed in the car.  With padding.  Lashed down with straps.  Inside the car.  Seat belts buckled.  If anything was going to college, it was the stereo.  It had an AM/FM tuner, cassette player, phonograph, and a storage cabinet below.  Not to mention the 4 foot speakers.  Of course, we couldn’t turn the volume up past about 3 for fear of incurring the wrath of the RA.  We also had albums and cassettes as well to bring along.  So needless to say, it was a labor of love to make sure we had music in our dorm room.

Today, this is what the college student brings for music:

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Plus a phone or maybe an iPod.  That’s it.  And that is even large compared to some.  No albums, cassettes or anything.  Plus they get the benefit of using the phone/iPod as they are walking to and from class.  No more having to carry the Walkman (Google it if you don’t know) and spare batteries as you walked the campus.  We had it so hard because occasionally, we would have to stop and flip the tape over to the other side.

While I am making light of it, the advancement of music technology has surely come a long way.  But I guess the really important thing is that they are listening to music still.  Hell, some affiliated with this site even took History of Rock & Roll as an elective. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner