I Remember When and Where – “There Will Come A Day”

music musings, beaverdamusa.comThis “Musings” is going down Memory Lane under the new series title of – I Remember When & Where.  This may be the only post or it may be the start of several installments – we will just have to see.

We all have those songs or moments that are tied to a particular song.  You can pinpoint the exact time and place where you heard the song.  You remember vivid details about what was going on such as where you were, who you were with, or even what you were doing.  Now, can I remember to take the garbage out every Wednesday?  No, but I sure can remember musically related things.  So, these installments will focus on those special songs for me.

My bride and I were at the second JDRF Middle Tennessee Gala in 2002 at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The performer on stage started introducing the next song by saying he wrote it in honor of his step-daughter who has Type I diabetes.  He took a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and placed it on the stand in front of him.   He proceeded to sing about how he wished he could trade places with her and how there will come a day when the pain and heartache ends and there won’t be a need to sing this song.

You could have heard a pin drop.  His step-daughter, Holly, was seated at the table right behind us.  I looked back at her and then the allergies hit, if you know what I mean.  You could tell that he was singing the song from his heart.  It truly was an amazing evening and a time that will always hold a fond memory for me.  

The artist was Steve Wariner and he sang There Will Come A Day for Holly, but I also know he sang the song for the children and adults who pray every day for a cure for Type I diabetes.  Steve has done so much through the years for JDRF from Public Service Announcements (with Holly) several years ago about the warning signs of Type I (pic.twitter.com/g3OgaWqE0v) to singing with the kids at JDRF’s Children’s Congress.  About a year later, Steve included the song There Will Come A Day (Holly’s Song) on his album Steal Another Day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DL-UYRbatw).  While the final product includes full instrumentation, there is still something special about hearing it stripped down and raw – straight from the paper it was written on.  

As I look back on National Diabetes Awareness month, I truly appreciate the work that people have done to get closer to a cure because one day, hopefully soon, There Will Come A Day. 

Musing and waiting on the day in Nashville 


Inside Zach’s iPod & Brain – Vol 1A (Christmas Edition)

musings 250_edited-1Even though December 25 has passed on the calendar, it is still the season of Christmas, so I am doing a Christmas version of “Inside Zach’s iPod”.  Just to remind you of the rules:

  • iPod is set to shuffle all Christmas songs.
  • I will write about the first five songs that play.
  • I am not allowed to skip a song, unless it has previously played.

So here is what is in Zach’s iPod & mind – Christmas edition:

  • Halleluiah Chorus (rehearsal track) – This is in my top 5 Christmas songs of all time.  I have it on my iPod because I occasionally participate in the local Community Chorus and we performed Handel’s Messiah a couple of years ago and we had a rehearsal CD made to practice.  While long, it is one of the most fun songs to sing.  By the way, Google Halleluiah chorus and flash mob.  The one in the mall is great.
  • The Christmas Song (Benita Hill) – This is probably best known by its opening line of “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.  It is the quintessential Christmas song sung by the lovely Benita Hill whom I was introduced to by friends George and Mary McCorkle.  In fact, George & Mary gave us this signed CD one year as a Christmas present.  Since both George & Mary are both deceased, this album makes me a little melancholy because I will always associate this album with them.
  • Christmas in Hollis (Run D.M.C.) – from the first A Very Special Christmas, this is probably the first rap Christmas song that I ever heard.  While I would probably not purposely include it in a playlist, it is kind of catchy.  Where else can you hear the line “Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens”?
  • Silent Night (Amy Grant) – from Amy’s A Christmas to Remember.  While it isn’t Tennessee Christmas, Amy does a very good job on this traditional Christmas carol.  For carols, this is probably my favorite one because it always takes me to Christmas Eve communion service at church.  Just picture the darkened sanctuary with nothing but candles held by the entire congregation illuminating the room while Silent Night is sung.  As we exit the sanctuary, it is truly Christmas, not only time-wise, but heart-wise.
  • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Steve Wariner) – from the Guitar Christmas album.  As I have written before, Steve’s Guitar Christmas is in my top five all time Christmas albums.  The entire album is instrumental and includes all of the favorite Christmas songs.  You can truly appreciate his cgp (certified guitar player) status by listening to this album via headphones.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the seasonal trip into my iPod.  See you next year!



Favorite Christmas Songs

Favorite Christmas Songs
From Handel’s “Messiah” to
“A White Trash Christmas”

Jimmy Buffett BeaverDamUSA.com

Who also has a Christmas Birthday? This guy. (Image via US Navy, public domain)

Well, this will be the last Music Musings column before Christmas and what better topic than Christmas songs. I was creating my Christmas playlist on the iPod the other day and realized that I have a large number of Christmas songs that run the gamut from classical/traditional to modern. The list below (in no particular order other than my random thoughts) includes individual songs, albums, shows, etc.  For what it is worth, here you go:

  • Merry Christmas Alabama (Jimmy Buffett) – While this song includes the word “Alabama,” it is still one of my favorite songs and is on his Christmas album – Christmas Island. Jimmy basically chronicles “…all the places, and faces” that he has lived and known through the years. Ironically, JB’s birthday is on Christmas Day.
  • Guitar Christmas (Steve Wariner) – This instrumental album is a hidden gem. Have a party going on & need some Christmas music in the background? Then this is your choice. Steve displays his Certified Guitar Player designation on Christmas favorites. As with Buffett, Steve has a Christmas birthday.
  • A Baby Changes Everything (Faith Hill) – Yes, I have a Faith Hill Christmas album loaded in my iPod. Actually, it is my wife’s CD. This single talks about Mary and “How A Baby Changes Everything.”  Of course, Faith could sing the phone book and it would sound great. Both song and rendition are great on this one.
  • Lost Christmas Eve (Trans Siberian Orchestra) – The TSO fuses rock music with orchestra instruments. Their take on some classic Christmas songs and their original songs are over the top. The musicians in TSO are uber-talented and their stage show rivals any rock show that I have seen.
  • Hallelujah Chorus (from Handel’s Messiah) – This classical piece always gives me goose bumps, whether I am listening to it or singing it. I have the opportunity to sing with a choir and when we do this, it is special. I also love the tradition of standing whenever this is played or sung.
  • A Very Special Christmas – Volume I (Various) – Originally released in 1987 as a fundraiser for Special Olympics, this album featured various popular artists singing traditional as well as original Christmas songs. It runs the gamut from Run D.M.C.’s Christmas in Hollis to Stevie Nicks’ Silent Night. While there have been numerous others and approximately $100 million has been raised for Special Olympics, this one still holds a special place that none of the sequels do. 
  • White Trash Christmas (Zach Tison) – If you can find this, go get it now. Heard this originally on the Rick & Bubba radio show years ago.  It is a catchy tune which talks about buying Grandpa a “carton of cigarettes,” “Momma’s the Queen of One-Stop Shopping,” “take shelter under the double-wide,” and a cousin who likes to hold his sister. If there ever was a theme song for Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, this is it.
  • O Holy Night (Martina McBride) – A former radio personality in Nashville once described Martina as “two lungs and a larynx.”  If anyone can do this traditional hymn justice, it is Martina.

As you can see, my list is varied. Our individual moods vary, so why can’t our music?  So as I put the iPod on shuffle, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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