barks between beagles BeaverDamUSA.com“You know what I need?”

“Oh, let me guess. A bicycle. What?”

“A Tervis.”

“Why on earth do you need a Tervis?”

“To keep my beverage cold… or hot. And they come in all your favorite sports teams’ colors.”

“Oh, really. What’s your favorite sports team?”

“Duh. The Cincinnati Beagles, of course.”

“For Heaven’s sake, that’s Cincinnati Bengals.”

“Are you sure, because I’m pretty sure it’s Cincinnati Beagles.”


“I still want a Tervis.”

“Well, you can use it when you work up a sweat riding your new bicycle.”

“I’m getting a bicycle!?”

“You’re hopeless.”

“Hopeless but well hydrated.”

“That is important.”

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