The Making of My EP

erica bryan, behind the mic, beaverdamusa.comAs some of you may know, I’ve been recording my EP this past November and December. I’ve always wanted to record an entire project and I’ve been biding my time in Nashville until I felt that I was ready with the right vision, style, and songs.

March of this year, I approached my friend Tommy Harden about producing my EP. Tommy has been Reba’s road drummer for at least a decade. He’s also played as a session drummer on tons of hit records and has a super cool duo with his wife called Lost Hollow. When I heard Lost Hollow’s album, I knew I wanted Tommy to produce my record because their sound is perfectly on the edge of country- just how I like it!

Check out Lost Hollow at

Check out Lost Hollow at

Tommy and I got together this summer and wrote a few songs to see if we could beat anything I already had. I chose one of our songs as the title track of my EP!

Once I picked the other final songs, I sent work tapes over to Tommy. A work tape is the roughest version of a song–usually recorded right after you wrote it on the voice memo app of your phone! Tommy listened to them and then tracked a “mock up.” A mock up is a reference track for me to listen to and make sure I like the direction of the song before we record everything for real.

And of course, Tommy is a genius and brought every song to its greatest potential, so I liked everything!

Tommy tracked some drums, bass, guitar, keys, and background vocals for the songs (I told you this guy is a genius) and I came in and tracked vocals for each song. If you are a singer, you probably think that tracking vocals sounds fun, but let me tell you, after 2 hours of singing the same song, you start to question if this is really what you want to do with your life!

This is clearly me at the beginning of the vocal session- I'm still happy!

This is clearly me at the beginning of the vocal session- I’m still happy!

Then, after the vocals were all done, we brought in my husband, Billy, to do some drumming and percussion, then we topped it off with bringing in a guitar session player to play all the delicious guitar solos!

Now, after a month and a half, all the tracking is done! I’m currently waiting on the mixes to be finished–the hardest part is waiting to hear the finished product!! I’m beyond thrilled with what Tommy has done with the songs and cannot wait for you all to hear them!!

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