Erica & Band Get Scattered & Covered After the Show

See Erica & her Band Live
at Pokey’s in Cleveland
Friday Aug. 1, 
9 p.m.

erica bryan,, behind the micThis past weekend, my band and I had a show at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. I documented each part of the day– so much so– that my band even sloganed the day:  #fortheblog because I kept saying, “let’s take a pic for the blog!”

8:30 am- We loaded up the vehicle and tried to make everything fit!
eb 0731 1
9:00 am- We leave Nashville and hit the road. It was a very comfy ride.

eb 0731 2

2:00 pm- We arrive at my parents’ house in Roswell, GA to eat some lunch and have one last rehearsal.

eb 0731 3

4:00 pm- We leave for Atlanta.

5:00 pm- We load in and sound check at Smith’s Olde Bar.

7:00 pm- Show time! (And it was our best show yet!)

eb 0731 4

9:00 pm- Now, I wouldn’t say this is typical for a show day, but on this particular day my friend hooked us up with VIP Luke Bryan tix–so of course we went.

eb 0731 5

12:00 am- It wouldn’t be a good show day without Waffle House.

eb 0731 6

If you couldn’t make it to Atlanta and happen to be in Cleveland, TN–I have a show at Pokey’s THIS FRIDAY, Aug 1 at 9:00pm. Would love to see you there! For more show dates, you can check my website: Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner