Wearing Flip Flops in Winter

What Would Chely Do?
by Chely Sizemore

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Ashley Writes: Dear Chely, My Mama says I can’t wear flip flops in the winter but I think that’s okay. I’m almost 17 and I should at least get to wear the kind of shoes I want to wear.

Dear Ashley: Your Mama should take one of your flip flops and whack you upside the head with it. You don’t wear pajamas to Wal-Mart too, do you? We’ve gotta get that stopped before… Okay, I’m getting off the subject here. Now back to you and your feet. I love flip flops more than anybody. I’ve got, oh, about a million pair. But they’re only for warm weather. Your Mama doesn’t want you looking like a dang fool. And maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t want your feet to be cold or wet. Ashley honey, find yourself some boots that will make you look cute. They’ll also make you look like you’ve got a little sense, too.

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