Thank God for Cousin Brooke

In my very first blog, I told you that I have issues.

Nothing has changed. I still do!

I have shared many of those issues with you over the past several weeks and months. I still have many more to share. Be patient… I am a work in progress.

I have good days… and I have bad days.

I wish I could be more like my dad. For those of you who know my father, you will have to agree that he is like a steady ship out on the ocean. The waves of time never cause him to rock or shift. He remains constant! I have always admired that, among many other things, about my dad.

It does not take much to cause me to go from having a really great day, to all of a sudden having the worst day of my life. Someone may say something I don’t like. A car may pull out in front of me. I may spill coffee on my lap while driving down the road. I may break up with a girl I have been dating a while. The Cubs may have an off year. WHAT THE HECK?? The Cubs have an off year EVERY YEAR!!

I guess I tend to be a “moody person”. I’m sorry. I don’t necessarily like being that way… but I am just “wired” to be like that.

For many years, there has always been one person in my life that can bring me “back on track” and get me cheered up faster than anyone I know. No matter how bad of a day I might be having, this one particular person in my life can make me realize how precious life is and how much we should appreciate every day we have on this earth.

That very special person in my life is my cousin, Brooke Grissom.

Brooke lives in Trussville, Alabama, and is a computer specialist and designs web pages. She is an awesome individual.

Brooke has cheered me up on hundreds of occasions when I have been going thru a struggle in my life, or just having a bad day in general. Brooke is the light at the top of the lighthouse for me!

She always has a great big smile on her face and always looks at the positive side of life. She has her own special way of helping me to look at the bright side as well. Many times I have texted or called Brooke and told her about a problem I might be going through and right away she says something to me that totally cheers me up and gets me feeling good again.

For all the years I have had Brooke, “Brookester” as I affectionately call her, in my life… I have never known her to have a bad day or be negative about anyone or anything. If she does, she never shows it.

She is beautiful, fun, cheery, happy, loving, caring, joyful, peaceful, kind, considerate and that is just to name a few!

I do not get to see her that often. I wish I could see her more, but we both stay in touch by text or phone call on a regular basis.

She lights up my world in a way that nobody else ever could.

One more thing you might want to know about Brookester. She was born with Cerebral Palsy. Brooke has never been able to walk a day in her life. She has spent her entire life in a wheelchair. She is very limited with her arms and legs and her physical body.

Mark and Brooke Grissom

Mark and Brooke Grissom

Brooke Grissom has never walked a day in her life. But I cannot tell you the number of times that she has “picked me up” and helped me to get “back on my two feet”… and to start “walking” again!

So next time you’re having a bad day… and things are not going just the way you think they should be going. Or next time you wake up and don’t feel like going to work, or whatever your problem may be. Just remember the most beautiful, loving, happy, caring person in the world, Brooke Grissom, has to live her life confined to a wheelchair. Then come and tell me you’re having a bad day. I double dare you!

I love you with all my heart, Cousin Brooke! You are truly MY HERO!!

Until next time…


About Mark Grissom

Mark was born on the north side of Chicago in 1964. Raised a Cubs fan by his dad, he never had a chance in life. He moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1988. While he lives closer to Atlanta now, he will never be able to leave the religion of "Cubbie Nation." Baptized as a Cubs fan at the age of five, he has no choice but to live the remainder of his life here on earth in mediocrity at its best!


  1. I taught your amazing, beautiful, wonderful cousin in 6th grade at Chalkville Elementary School. You pegged her just right. That smile of hers lights up the room. And I NEVER, EVER heard her complain. Truly a gift to us all.

  2. Sandra, I know it must be satisfying to read a great piece on a former student and know you had a positive impact. Congrats!

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