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music musings, beaverdamusa.comLike a wreck on the interstate, you try not to look, but you just can’t help but stare.  That is the way I am with the Grammys.  I know I will come away from it saying “Damn, music has gone to hell” or “Who?” in my best curmudgeon voice.  So, I watched. 

  • Adele opening the show – noticed they didn’t use just a piano.  Guess they didn’t want to a repeat of last year.
  • J Lo – she almost joined the F (fast forward) club with her political speech.  Shut up and sing/present the award.
  • Best new artist – They chose Chance the Rapper over Kelsea Ballerini?  Please.  Kudos to Chance though for the God shout-out multiple times.  Still like Kelsea better.
  • Paris Jackson – who is that?  Google tells me that is Michael Jackson’s daughter.  Looks like the weirdness gene was passed on.
  • The Weekend and Robots.  I feel the curmudgeon rising up.   
  • John Travolta – presenting, and I love the dig at himself regarding his bad eyesight.
  • Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood – Mercy.  If she drops the mic and she picks it up, they will have to switch to HBO.  Momma C chimes in from the couch – “Wonder if the people in the front row can see up her dress?”
  • Nick Jonas – Did he join the Army?  Grow that hair out. Momma C with another zinger – “He doesn’t need to have that short hair with those ears.”
  • Best pop/duo award – award went to Twenty-one Pilots who stripped down to their underwear and accepted the award.  I started to go curmudgeon, but I listened to why they did this.  They said they were sitting around last year watching the Grammys in their underwear and said if they ever got one, they would accept it just like they were then.  Great story.
  • Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham- why is that dude out there?  She doesn’t need someone else.  Don’t like the mashup of the two songs
  • Beyoncé – Weird stuff.  I didn’t drop enough acid for this to make sense.  
  • Best country solo -  Maren Morris – Miranda should have won.  Did I ever mention that Miranda wore spurs last year?
  • Best urban contemporary album – Huh?  Hush Beyoncé. Why isn’t she shushed by music like others were when they ran long?  
  • Maren Morris and Alicia Keys – what the hell did Alicia Keys do to her hair?
  • Adele tribute to George Michael – Kudos to her for starting over. Also, proof that they were live.  They could have picked a different song. 
  • Metallica and Gaga performance.  James Hetfield’s mic didn’t work for the first half of the song.  What is it with sound and awards shows?  
  • Sturgill Simpson – sounds a lot like Dwight Yokam.
  • Bee Gees tribute – can’t believe it has been 40 since Saturday Night Fever.
  • Song of year – Adele.  Deserved.   Better than green haired dude that was nominated.  
  • A Tribe Called Quest – Oh please.  No comment.  
  • Prince tribute – Morris Day still has the moves.  I love Jungle Love and The Bird.  Bruno Mars killed it.  Great guitar at the end.
  • Tribute to those who left us – Very long list this year.  Way too long.  Damn allergies. 
  • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – Faith’s lips were as red as her dress.  
  • Record and Album of the year – both to Adele.  Not a huge fan, but deserved.

Thanks for indulging me again while I go curmudgeon on the Grammys.  

Until next time, I’ll be trying unsee that Beyoncé number.  

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