There’s Already a Wolf Blitzer; Who Knew?

wolf blitzer barks between beagles“Do you think I could be a news anchor on TV?”


“I would start CNN, the Canine News Network.”

“There’s already a CNN.”

“No there’s not.”

“Yes. There is.”

“Shut up. And my name would be Wolf Blitzer. Wolf, like a predator. Blitzer, like someone who blitzes you right when you think you’re getting away with something.”

“There’s already a Wolf Blitzer… and he’s on CNN.”

“Oh, really. Well Miss Smarty Pants, is this so-called Wolf Blitzer’s show called ‘The Wolf Blitzer Show?’”

“No. It’s called ‘The Situation Room’”

Well when I change my name to… Wolf Blitzer and get on CNN… (sniff) my show will be called ‘The Wolf Blitzer Show.’”

“Are you crying?”

“A little.”

“Hey, you could be Woof Blitzer!”

“I love you.”

“Good luck on CNN.”

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